When Music Touches the Soul

I believe music can touch a person’s soul. I believe it possesses a certain power that, if allowed, can penetrate the heart and seep into the soul, eventually mixing with the blood as it becomes part of a person’s being.

I’ve always heard people talk about how they can “feel the music.” I use to think they were embellishing. When I was younger, I played the piano and never once did I feel the music. My fingers flew across the smooth black and white keys, but it never really meant a thing to me. It’s a shame, really, because I was told I was good and there was once a time when I loved it. Despite this encouragement I was restricted to certain piano books, when I wanted to play on my own or learn jazz. I wanted to explore music, but my teacher wouldn’t let me. She said I wasn’t good enough to move to a higher level. Since the songs became monotonous, I became board, and that’s when I started losing interest.

Some of my friends and family play musical instruments. I can tell just by watching them play that they feel the music coursing through their veins. Usually I sit there and listen to them play. I love listening and watching them. Sometimes, if I close my eyes while listening to the music, the notes becomes images in my mind.

I stopped playing the piano a long time ago, but this pass summer I felt as though it was calling my name. So I pulled out the bench, sat and started playing. It felt good. I forgot how much I enjoyed playing, but, while music is a passion of mine, things are different now. I would rather write. I would rather listen to music and write about it. I would rather photograph it. I would rather be swept up by it as it pulsates through me, like a heartbeat pushing blood through the body.

There’s a lot of different music I listen to, thanks to family and friends and my own musical exploration. Still, with everything my ears have heard; every song, every singer, every band, every melody, there is only one band that can play a song so beautiful that it reaches down to touch my very soul.

Music is part of me. It embodies my being and moves me in everyday life; closer to creativity, closer to tranquility, closer to beauty.

That’s the thing about music, it moves us. At least, I believe it does. It’s universal and, therefore, brings us together. It starts with a beat; raindrops tapping against the window, the sound of shoes hitting the pavement with every step, the roar of the ocean as the waves break and rush towards the shore, the beating of our own heart.

There are multiple ways music can touch the soul. It not only carries melody, but it holds emotion and meaning. The words are carefully thought of and put together to create something special, something one of a kind. That’s how I see it. It’s one thing to feel the music, but it’s another thing entirely for it to become a part of our being, to flow as freely through us as blood.

As I became older, I found myself increasingly engrossed in music. I like listening to how the notes are strung together, how the words carry weight and emotion, no matter what that emotion might be, to make a song. It’s a piece of art, a small piece of beauty in a world where so many things feel hopeless. I love closing my eyes and just for moment being alone with the notes, being wrapped in a blanket of hope.

That’s why I like Switchfoot’s music. I like a lot of music, but, as strange as it may sound, there music speaks to me in ways other music does not.

Though I enjoy a variety of music and other bands, and other artists have come close, these five guys are the only ones who have achieved writing songs so beautiful and deep that they strike my very soul.

The more shows I went to, the more I began to understand. I was amazed at the amount of energy put into one show, let alone one song. I’ll never forget the first time I saw them live. Their signer was drenched with sweat after two songs. That night it dawned on me; these songs mean something to them. They weren’t just songs. These songs weren’t just words strung to a melody. They were well thought out. These songs meant something to the people who wrote them. They carried meaning and weight, emotional weight. I could instantly tell they cared about the songs they were playing, the words being sung. They believed in the words. The music was part of them, much like any art is part of the artist, flowing through the body and emanating into the world.

Their music impacts my life in ways they may never know. It’s helped me through some pretty hard times. I listen to it on bad days, when I want to do nothing except curl into a ball and hide myself from the world. There songs can take a bad day a turn it around. It’s not only the hard times that I listen, but also the good time. I listen to their music when I’m happy, when I’m feeling good. I listen when I’m thinking, when I’m writing, when I’m daydreaming. Sometimes I put on one of their albums for no reason at all and sing along.

That’s the things about music; besides being universal, it makes us feel good. It makes a bad day better and, maybe, even touches the soul.


2 thoughts on “When Music Touches the Soul

  1. petergreyphotography says:

    I listened to Switchfoot (a band that I didn’t know), the song: Float. What a joyful funky song that is! Thank you for enlighten me. (And yes you are right: practise creates technique. More practise creates music 🙂 )


    • Nicole says:

      Thanks for stopping by! I’m glad you found the song enjoyable (one of their most recent). Music, no matter the band/artist, seems to have a way of touching us on multiple levels. Thanks for reading!


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