A Birthday Message

Let’s show Mr. Andrew Shirley, lead guitarist of Switchfoot, some love, as he turns 41 today!

Happy Birthday Drew! You shred for a living, blowing us away each night with those sweet melodies. You have the power to melt our faces with one chord. Your smile is 3contagious and your humor flips a seeming bad day to a good one. You’re the star of Interesting Things With Drew. Your joker-face is disturbing (seriously, it gave me nightmares). You’re Dr.Ew, with a Ph.D in tones and guitar gear. You’re the master of disguise (especially when your shirt matches the upholstery). You have inspired me in so many ways and are one of the sweetest, most down-to-earth people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting (on numbers occasions…and I look forward to our paths crossing again). Thank you for everything you do, all the sacrifices, all the travel, all the tours. Thank you for making beautiful music and sharing it with all of us. We appreciate it and we appreciate you. I hope you have great day (as you celebrate in Australia) and one as awesome as you (although that’s a lot to live up to). I wish you all the best, always.


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