A Love Letter to The Ocean

For me, the ocean resembles life in many ways. It’s always moving and ever changing. It’s beautiful and feisty. It’s loud and serene. It’s humbling as well as much more. I love the ocean, no matter what it may represent on any given day. Even if there’s a storm brewing, I find peace on its shores. So in an attempt to express my feelings I’ve written a letter, for you my most beloved ocean.

Dear Ocean,
From the first time I laid my eyes on you, I was captivated. I felt the swell inside my chest and I knew I would forever be yours. That first day, you were beautiful and elegant. You danced in your dress of blue with the white fringe, coming toward me and brushing my feet. The touch of you was cool and while others may have ran away, I did not.

In fact, when I ran, I ran to you.

Over the years I’ve found that you’re one of the few things that give me comfort. The rhythmic breathing echoes in my ears and I feel as though my heartbeat often matches yours.

At times you weren’t always nice. You pushed me and beat me down. You tested my patients as well as my love. I won’t lie, there were time I thought about giving you up, but our connection was to strong. I knew I wanted you, needed you, and somehow I felt like you needed me too.

You’ve taught me that life isn’t always easy, but we are ever changing. We grow and adapt. We learn to choose our battles and roll with the things we can’t control. You taught me that even the quiet ones can be loud. The ones who are graceful and beautiful can still be feisty. And the peaceful can also be strong.

I continue to enjoy the early mornings and late nights when it’s just the two of us. I love listening to all you have say and the way you lightly brush my hair and kiss my cheek.

I dream of you at night and think about you during the day. You’ve known me for years. You hold my secrets, dreams and fears.

One day soon I will be standing on your shore again. One day soon we will be together, if only for a short time. But don’t worry because we will always be one. You will forever be in my heart.

Love always,


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