Stop…Smell a Flower, Appreciate the World

Have you heard the saying, “Stop and smell the roses?”

Do you know its meaning?

It means to relax, to take time out of your schedule to enjoy or appreciate the beauty of life.

We seem to be on a tight schedule, no matter where we are in life. We all have responsibilities and sometimes it can feel like they begin to pile up. At a certain point we might start to feel the pressure of being buried under all this stuff.

It’s happened to me. In fact, it still happens.

But all the stuff can prevent us from enjoying life.

I’m not against being busy. I love having things to do, places to go and people to see, but it’s also nice to have quiet time. It’s nice to take some time for myself. But how do I find the time? I have to make it. I’ve found that in this crazy world of schedules and planners and dates and times that sometimes I just have to take a step back. Once again, it’s difficult. That’s why I cherish my leisurely walks. It gives me time to think and take in the world around me. This world has so much beauty to offer that I believe it’s often forgotten in the shuffle of the everyday. Maybe we even start taking it for granted.

These walks are special times for me. I can think about the next story I’m going to write, a number of other things or nothing at all. Usually, I try to clear my head. I find these walks are also a time to recharge. Mostly I take in the beauty around me.
Summer is the perfect time to slow down. Take a family vacation, a day trip or even a nice long walk on your own. Stop and feel the warmth of the sun, walk through the grass barefoot, squish you’re toes in the sand or listen to the birds sing or the beat of the ocean. Stop and smell a flower.

I believe there’s a balance between our responsibilities and relaxing. After all, one of our responsibilities is to our well-being. Every season has a beauty all its own. Everyday presents the opportunity to appreciate what the world has to offer. No matter what season you’re currently having, take some time to examine the world around you.

Take a moment and smell a flower.


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