California Adventure: Day 1 – It’s Only the Beginning


Why so early?

Because I wanted to watch the sun rise.

No. That was simply a perk of the whole thing.

I was up at 3am because I had one of those early-morning-before-the-sun-is-even-up flights. But my plane was destined for California, so I couldn’t complain that much. I slept on the first plane, but was wide awake during the connecting flight. It was my first time to California, to the West Coast, so I was excited and wanted to see everything as we were coming in for a landing. Of course, once we actually touched down in California, I was a much happier person. (I’m not a huge fan of flying).

The hotel I stayed at wasn’t in downtown San Diego. I didn’t want to stay in downtown Eanyway. My heart belongs to the ocean and if I was flying all those miles, you bet I was staying by the water. So the hotel was about 25 minutes up the coast in a town called Encinitas. It was a beautiful drive and an even more beautiful town. I fell in love with it on the first day. Anyway, my room had a beachfront view that was perfect. At least for me. The rooms were a good size – complete with a private bathroom, microwave, refrigerator, and small stove/oven. It wasn’t lavish, but I didn’t need lavish. What I needed was to be in close proximity to the beach with a view of it at all times. And that’s exactly what this place gave me.

At this point I was exhausted. I know I gained three hours, but it felt like I had been awake for an eternity. Especially being up since 3am. And I had a party/benefit to go to that night.

So be it.

I actually squeezed in a nap after lunch and I was so thankful I had a chance to do so. It’s amazing how even one hour can be so refreshing.

That evening I put on my summer dress, hopped in a taxi and went off to a one million dollar home where the Swichfoot Bro-Am Auction Night was being held. (I’ll talk more about the Bro-Am Foundation in a different post).

There were two types of auctions; a silent auction and a live auction. There were so many great things to choose from and all the money went toward helping the children of San Diego. (Again, I have a whole post dedicated to the Bro-Am Foundation). And what could be better then knowing you’re helping kid? There were surfboards and backpacks and skateboards, concert tickets, a variety of music gear/accessories and so much more. While people were circling the silent auction items there was also the opportunity to sample some food and delicious deserts. (I’m pretty sure I had one to many cookies that night, but the snicker doodles were wonderful).

When the silent auction end, everyone gather for the live auction where Drew, Switchfoot’s guitarist, played the role of MC. Lets just say that he was hilarious and should think of moonlighting as a comedian. And after a few bidding wars, I’m happy to say that the foundation raised a lot money that night. (They raised about $20,000 on one prize alone.)

To close out the event, Switchfoot preformed and it was pretty phenomenal, as always. The band fed off the crowds energy and the vice verses.

The set list for the night included the following songs:
Dare You to Move
Saltwater Heart
Meant to Live
The World You Want
Hello Hurricane
Love Alone Is Worth the Fight
When We Come Alive
Stand By Me (cover)

AN19Of course Jon made his way through the crowd during “When We Come Alive” and the guys sang “Hello Hurricane” campfire style around one microphone. And they brought it into the crowd, which was great.

The whole event was a wonderful whirlwind. I met so many nice people, some of who I now have the privilege of calling friends. The food was delicious (especially those cookies). The guys were lovely to talk to, as always, (like old friends). I was able to photograph the show (which was as awesome an experience as the show itself).

And the whole time I kept thinking, “This is only the beginning.”


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