Boston Road Trip: Day 1 – Tour de Compadres with One of My Best Compadres

It was one of those quick road trips. You know, the ones where you drive to your destination, stay over night and drive home the next day. It was planned, but still had a spontaneous vibe. I’ve come to realize that even the best plans have room for the unknown.

And that’s alright with me.

My friend and I had been planning this weekend for months. Alright, so, maybe I was the one planning. He seemed like he was going to go along with whatever I said (short of base jumping off a cliff), but a hotel reservation had to be made, concert tickets had to be bought and other tiny details had to be settled. It was during this time that my excitement began to die and stress filled the void.

Then, at a certain point, I thought, “Forget it. I’m done. The important things are done.”

And I figured we would just wing it the rest of the time.

That’s when my excitement came back.

A little background. My friend and I have know each other since high school. I’m fairly confident in saying that he knows my hopes, dreams, fears and pretty much everything about me. And vice verses. But I also think the saying holds true – “You never really know a person until you’ve lived with them.” Or, in this case, until you go on a road trip and spend the weekend with them. (Seriously. Spend three hours in a car and all weekend with one of your best friends and I guarantee you’ll find out something about them you didn’t know). I know I found out a thing or two about him. And I know he probably found out a thing or two about me. But this isn’t a post about any of those things (and there will never be one either). I merely thought it was a fun segway into the rest of the post.

The Tour de Compadres (with Needtobreathe, Switchfoot, Drew Holcomb and Colony House).

An epic concert.

The first band of the evening was Colony House. This is the third time I’ve seen them

Colony House

Colony House

live and they blow me away each time. For such a young band, I find them very talented. There are so many ways they could grow as both a band and individual musicians. I can’t wait to see how their career progresses. My only hope is that they continue to stay humble, as they are some of the nicest guys I’ve meet in this industry.

Next up was Drew Holcomb. He wasn’t bad and there were a few songs I really got into, so I enjoyed his performance. And I can definitely respect him as a musician.

Switchfoot was next to take the stage. This was my tenth time seeing them. And if you’ve ever seen them live, then you might understand why I’ve seen them so many times (and since I’m young there are still plenty of shows in my future). Anyway, Jon did his thing where he jumped into the crowd. And when he wasn’t in the crowd, he was onstage rocking – being expressive, getting into the music and sweating after the first song. There is one



last thing I must mention about this set. They played “Your Love Is A Song” (which has always been a favorite of mine) and halfway through Jon and Drew did an awesome harmonica and guitar collaboration. It felt spontaneous (which it might’ve well been) and sounded beautiful. I loved it.

The last band of the night was Needtobreathe. You can tell they’re from the south because a lot of their songs have that down-home southern feel to them, which I enjoyed. They very much get into the music and put on a great show.

This tour was a blast. Each of these bands is guaranteed to rock your socks off. Even if you’re not wearing any.

I know the possible irony in my next statement – the fact that I knew my friend was having a good time just by looking at him, even though I kept asking anyway. But I’m glad he had fun. I love this guy with all my heart an I’m so excited that I had the chance to share this experience with him. I couldn’t be happier that I was able to see the Boston edition of the Tour de Compadres with one of my best compadres.

If you would like to see more photos from the Tour de Compadres you may do so by going here.


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