Boston Road Trip: Day 2 – Exploring Boston

Whenever I go places, I like to explore. Even if I’ve been there before, I like to have a look around. Sometimes I think we take this world and what it has to offer for granted. We miss the little things, the little details, the beauty. I don’t want to miss any of it. And, so, I enjoy exploring.

And that’s exactly what we did before our weekend in Boston came to an end.

We turned down random streets, gazing at the architecture and wandering into parks.

There were many fountains with water gushing up and falling in a rhythmic motion. If it had been warmer that morning, or even if the sun and been out, I would’ve been tempted to run through them. Actually, I know I would’ve at least ran through at least one.

We came across this long walkway made up of arches. We actually discovered it the previous night while walking back to the hotel after the concert. (Ok, so, maybe all the credit goes to my friend since I was too busy looking up at the night sky). At night it was lit up. The arches glowed gold as ivy weaved its way up the sides. It was magical. To me, it seemed like something out of a Jane Austen novel. I’m not sure why I thought that at the time, but I’m also not sure the reason matters. My point is that it was beautiful. Although, it seemed to lose some of that magic during the day. I loved it so much more when it was glowing against the bluish-black backdrop of night.

I would also like to mention the carousel. It sat a little hidden among a patch of trees and some other shrubberies. I’ve always loved carousels – riding them, admiring them. But this was not a traditional horse carousel. This one had many creatures to ride from both land and sea. There was a whale, a snail, a seagull, a fox and many more. Each pole appeared to be painted gold. The trim around the top was also gold while the rest was painted a light blue, adorning wispy white clouds.

Of course there was the waterfront. I can’t go to Boston without talking a bit about the waterfront. It smelled of fish and the ocean – a sent I love. There were multiple boats docked at the pier. A majority of them, if not all, were fishing boats. As we passed, all the equipment needed to catch fish was loaded on the boats. There was something interesting about seeing all this and smelling the fresh fish and salt the blew in from the water.

Sadly our time was coming to an end, but I promised myself I would return. (And it would be a photographing/exploring weekend of Boston). There was so much to see and I simply didn’t want the weekend to end. But when you’re having a great time, feeling so good and with those close to you – who ever wants that time to end?

So when I leave places it’s never “goodbye,” but always “I’ll see you again.”

And I will, Boston.

I will see you again.


4 thoughts on “Boston Road Trip: Day 2 – Exploring Boston

    • Nicole says:

      Thank you! I’m a pretty positive person to begin with and I always believe there will come an opportunity to visit these places again in the future. Thanks for taking the time to stop by!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Petite & Pretty says:

    I’ve been to boston a few times since my cousin lives there, so we actually visit quite often! But I’ve never been to a concert there and never did a road trip around Boston! I’ve only been to Quincy Market… mmm lobster roll! and I’ve never bee to to the waterfront!! Oh gosh, I feel like I’m missing a lot places I should be! I’m going have to make sure I visit the carousel too the next time I visit!

    Great blog post! Thanks for sharing!


    • Nicole says:

      That’s awesome you have family there! I live in the northeast so it’s pretty easy for me to drive to a lot of the states on the East Coast. The concert venue was Blue Hill Bank Pavilion and it was right on the waterfront. If you’ve been to Quincy Market then you’ve been pretty close to the waterfront…only about at 20 or 25 minute walk. It sounds long, but is worth it! You’ll be able to see so much along the way. Thanks for reading!


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