Maine: Day 2 – A Photographic Exploration

Everyday can be a photographic adventure.

And everyday I’m away someplace is indeed just that – a day to explore. Even if I’ve been to a certain place before, I believe there are always new things to see or things I missed the first time around.

So after breakfast I grabbed my camera and went for a long walk.

The sidewalk from the hotel split two ways. One way went into town (only 1 mile from the hotel) while the other wrapped around the beach and led to the unknown. I decided to take the one that led along the water’s edge.

Along the way there were a couple of bluffs looking out at the ocean. For the most part they were cleared of vegetation. There was the occasional tree or clump of bushes and, of course, grass. From the top of the bluff I could look down at the steep drop and all the rocks or out at the water and marvel at how expansive it is. I’ve seen the ocean repeatedly over the course of my young life and it never ceases to amaze me.

The sidewalk curved around, hugging the shoreline, and eventually the sand Old Housedisappeared and was replaced by rocks and pebbles. Large rocks still jutting out from the cliffs and the further I walked the more they rose up from the water.

Before reaching more of the rocky shore, I came across an old house. Or church. It’s hard to say what it was, or is, but it was gorgeous – built of stone. It had a long, gravel driveway and sat facing the ocean. On one side was a little field and I thought how diverse the landscape was here. From the field it appeared to be a mysterious old building in the middle of nowhere. It had a certain vibe to it that I can’t quite place my finger on.

Across from the ocean sat a line of houses, or condos. Most of them had balconies onThe Secret Garden the second floor and I thought about how breathtaking the view must be from up there. (Not that it wasn’t from down here.) One of the houses had a garden with a old, rusting gate. There were vines of purple flowers weaving their way through the spaces between the bars. It reminded me of The Secret Garden, only I didn’t need a key to enter.

Back on the ocean side there was a set of stairs the led to the rocky shore. I took each step carefully and walked along the rocks. The smell of the ocean blew inland and, once again, I breathed it in, relishing the moment. Seaweed and algae and little barnacles grew on and clung to the rock. The water washed onto land in small, bubbly waves. Actually, they were more like little ripples that still had to grow into waves, but lapped at the shore all the same.

Kids at SunsetI photographed into the evening, going down to the beach at sunset. The waves crashed against the backdrop of a sky exploding in color. Children ran along the beach as they searched for shells, their parents trailing behind. Others walked out on the jetty, the sun sinking lower and lower in the sky as it gave away to the day’s last light.

If you would like to see more pictures from Maine you may do so by visiting my photo page.


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