Maine: Day 3 – A Day in Town

It was a quaint little town. Shops and restaurants lined the street. The same lake that flowed into the ocean ran under a bridge where there was a display of locks. Each lock had names and dates. They held anniversaries, marriages and first dates. The locks were meant to symbolize the love two people have for one another, the thing that holds them together.

On one side of town stood a clock tower while a little church sat at the corner of the other. The church was hidden by trees and their lush, green leaves. It also sat on the outskirts of town.

People walked the streets with shopping bags while car whizzed by. Some people even had their dogs with them.

The town was very pet friendly.

And there was even a store dedicated to dogs. Scalawags.

I walked the streets, going into a store here and there, but mostly window shopping. My intent wasn’t really to buy anything (although I did purchase a new hat). I simply wanted to walk around the small town and see what it had to offer.

It was still hot and a little humid, so thankfully it offered me shade. I sat in the grass under a tree for awhile, but it was still enjoyable. In the shade it was cool. Or cooler then being on the streets. In the shade there was a nice breeze.

The town smelled like lobster and fish, the ocean and occasionally car exhaust fumes – depending on where you were. Mostly it smelled of fish and the ocean, which I didn’t mind. In fact, I liked it.

Size doesn’t really matter here. Not in this town. It might be small, but it has plenty to offer. From shops to restaurants to ice cream to simply sitting in the shade there’s something for everyone.


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