Maine: Day 4 – Local Art

My plan was to walk the mile into town and take pictures along the way, but I didn’t make it very far.

The dog in the window caught my attention. Not a real dog. It was a picture of one, a calendar cover. In the picture the dog was hanging his head out of a car window. And he looked like he was having a wonderful time.

There was a row of art galleries as soon as I started my walk and I’ve never been one for turning down an art gallery. Especially one that deals in photography.

Upon entering the photo gallery I was struck not by how small it was, but the beautiful photos hanging on the walls and placed around the gallery. The ones leaning against the wall were wrapped in plastic and as I carefully looked at them, I felt at if I was handling something fragile. (Which, in a way, I was.)




So many great photographs. It’s hard to pick a favorite. (So I’m not going to.) Of course there were those that struck me instantly, but what I loved in each photo was the lighting. It was gorgeous. I could’ve stood there all day looking at them.
I’m sure anything I could say about these photos wouldn’t do them justice. So make sure to check out Chris Becker’s website and have a look for yourself, as he’s the photographer of these amazing images.

I’m thankful I had the opportunity to speak with someone so knowledgeable on the topic. (As I’m still young and learning.) When I find someone as passionate as I am, I feel as though I could talk to them forever. Or at least a very long time.

I never anticipated walking into a photo gallery that day.

I never anticipated having a great conversation with a local photographer that day.

But I’m so glad I did.


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