Maine: Day 5 – A Farewell to The Sea

Time does not exist when staring at the ocean.

Not for me.

I could pass countless hours standing on the shore, listening to the crashing waves.

It does something to me – the ocean. I can’t quite explain it, as I don’t fully understand it myself, but everything seems to stop. There’s a sense of peace, time to recharge, and I feel like I’ve been taken out of reality, if only for a moment.

Foggy MorningOn my last day in Maine, I woke to a thick blanket of white. Through the night the heat and humidity had disappeared and a heavy fog had rolled in. The beach that I was used to seeing from my room was no more, although, I could hear it. I couldn’t even see the sandy path through the greenery or the white picket fence. Of course this didn’t stop me. If anything I became more curious, since I’ve only seen the ocean on bright, sunny days.

I went down to beach as I did every morning. I walked along the rocky shoreline until I reached the jetty. I climbed up the the sandy slop that was scattered with rocks and stood on the jetty before walking out a little ways.

The sky was gray and the water was the color of steel. For some reason I thought it looked like something from a Stephen King novel, but I think I’ve simple been reading too many of my friends books. (He’s a horror writer.) It was so different from previous days of golden light and sparkling blue, but there was still beauty in the dullness of the morning – the way the clouds hung low and seemed to swallow the bluffs as well as the end of the jetty.

I stood there for awhile, looking and listening. Part of me wanted to stay forever, but the other part of me knew I had to go eat breakfast and start the drive home.


The part of me that wanted to stay already felt like I was home. After all, the ocean is my second home. It’s my home away from home.

It’s always a bittersweet farewell – wanting to stay and knowing I have to go. But the one thing that continues to make leaving alright is the fact that the ocean will always be there, waiting. And that, eventually, I will return.

If you would like to see more photos from Maine you may do so by visiting my photo page.


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