24 Hours in The Wonderlands





It’s a beautiful place – The Wonderlands.

These songs represent each hour in the day – 24 hours in total.

And on Oct. 24th Jon Foreman will bring The Wonderlands to life. He will be playing a record breaking 25 concerts in 24 hours. Each concert will take place at a secret location and consist of three songs. Once song will correlate with that hour of the day while the other two will be a mix of old and new recordings.

I would love to join Jon in the chaos of these 24 hours, and to lend my support, but East Coast to West Coast is a long way. I would love to grab my camera and document these 24 hours and all the moments in-between. But it’s just not possible at the moment. (Sorry, Jon. My camera and I will have to meet up with you some other time.)

The greatest part of this epic experience is that all the proceeds will benefit the Bro-Am Foundation in San Diego, CA. This is a great foundation that raises money for San Diego youths and gives back to the community. To find out more check out the Bro-Am Foundation website by going here.

If you’re like me and there’s just no way of making it, there are other ways to show your support. One way is to take the 25 in 24 challenge. You can also buy a commemorative t-shirt or poster. Again, all proceeds will support the Bro-Am Foundation. To find out more about any or all of these options, visit Jon’s website for details.

Even though I won’t be there, I’m anxiously awaiting the chaos of 25 in 24.

Best of luck Jon!


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