First Snow

The first snow was beautiful and fierce at the same time. It started late at night, when the world is quiet and still, yet, bursting with life. Tiny white flakes fluttered to the ground, covering the earth in a blanket of white.

When morning came, it was ice that fell from the sky. No longer were there soft flakes, but ice slicing through the dull overcast and pelting the ground. In time the temperatures rose and it all turned to rain.

There was still something beautiful about all the ice on top of the snow. It sparkled like stars under the street lamps. Icicles hung from the hoods of cars, and roofs of houses. Tree branches and plants were encased in an icy shell. And it was lovely.

The once lush, green grass is still covered in snow. I believe it is here to stay. At least for a few more months.

And despite the cold, I love this weather – the winter wonderland.


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