My New Year’s Wish

Have you ever heard of a New Year’s wish? It’s like a birthday wish when you blow out the candles, only in this case it’s a wish you make when the clock strikes midnight and the calendar flips its page to a new year. There’s a possibility that I’m making this whole thing up, but ever since I was a child, I’ve always made a New Year’s wish.

In the past, I’ve simply wished for a positive year. I think that’s something we all at least hope for, but as I grew up my wishes became more complex. They started becoming less about myself and more about the world and people around me. I won’t lie…this year I still wished for a positive year, for God to send good things my way and to help me through the bad times (because lets face it…life isn’t always perfect, but it sure is full of perfect moments). But, then, I also wished for something more.

This year my wish was for that special guy in my life. He doesn’t know it (unless he ends up reading this post), but it was all for him.

This year I make my wish for you. I wish 2016 brings you all the happiness life has to offer and that you embrace it – life. Embrace the lows because they will only make you a stronger person. Embrace the highs because those are the moments that will live with you forever. I wish that you have a year full of adventures, that you kiss someone who thinks you’re wonderful (that would be me, obviously), that you have a year full of madness (the good kind) and, somewhere along the way, you surprise yourself. I wish that you will open up to me more and not be such a closed book. I can tell you’re working on it, that you’re trying, and I thank you. I wish that in the new year you begin to believe in yourself more because you’re smart and can do anything you set your mind to…you are capable of more then you realize. And I already believe in you – always have. I wish that you laugh and smile constantly, that you dream big, and realize how special and beautiful life is. I wish that you realize I’m only the beginning of all the good in your life (and that your luck is changing). I wish that I continue to make you as happy as you make me and am able to be that bright spot in your life – through all the bad days and all the good days. I wish that you can begin to see all the wonderful things about yourself that I see. I wish all these things and a million other tiny things for you – I will always wish you all the best.

A New Year’s wish might be superstitious, or even a bit naive, but I believe that wishes and dreams come true. I believe that if you love life, life will love you back.


3 thoughts on “My New Year’s Wish

    • Nicole says:

      Thank you! I never used to think that way, or maybe I did subconsciously. Either way, one day I realized that life is way too beautiful and way too short to think anything else. We aren’t guaranteed tomorrow. All we have is the promise of today. So we might as well live life and love it.

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