The Perfect Storm

calm seas embrace
lighting flashes behind blue eyes
turbulent waters slowly rise
a storm brews deep inside

barricade the rushing waters
flea the crashing waves
race across the sandy shore
but the sea always finds the land

lighting cracks the sea
waves break with a frustrated cry
whitewash – gnashing teeth
saltwater falls from an angel’s eyes

a live storm looms behind blue eyes
promises to release
an uncharted fury
unknown feelings abide to fear

briny water reaches the shore
captures the heart
valleys carved in the hard, wet sand – resistance
yet, sand grains slip back to the sea

longs to love
fears love
for the wrath of the past has
left it’s impression

scars no one can see
seep into the ocean floor
swept away by the sea of time
still exist

a calming touch graces the sea
gentle wind, light breeze
whispers slowly and softly
land and sea find harmony

sunlight pierces the steely sky
waters shift with changing tides
serene pools rest behind blue eyes
calm seas embrace


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