Attitude Adjustment

The mind is a powerful thing.

I’ve read studies that suggest the weather affects our attitudes. I’ve read other studies that suggest our outlooks affect our attitudes. In each of these scenarios our minds play a role.

Not that I believe everything I read, but, to a certain extent, I’m inclined to believe these two things.

Dull, rainy days have a way of making me feel tired and sluggish. These are the kind of days where, about 50 percent of the time, I’m unmotivated to do anything. Cold winter days make me want to snuggle under a blanket with a good book (or someone special) and a hot cup of tea, but give me a sunny brisk fall day, a comfortable spring day or a warm summer day and I’m ready to go.

It’s the same with my daily outlook. If I start off the day by thinking, “I don’t want to do this.” or “This is going to suck.” or any variation of “This is going to be a horrible day.” then, most likely, it will be. Not only that, but it’ll be difficult to get through the day.
I think a negative attitude poisons the mind. It steels our days and takes away any hope we have of seeing good. We become so stuck in the same rut, drudging on day after day with the same outlook that it’s increasingly harder to see how anything could ever be good again. The saddest part, possibly, is this sort of negativity makes us miss out on life.

We’re all guilty of this, even me. And at those times an attitude adjustment is needed.

I believe a positive attitude is freeing. It starts us off on the right note. It makes us happy and it’s easier to deal with whatever the day throws at us. One of the best parts is it makes us smile and feel as though anything is possible. (A positive attitude can do wonders for our spirits.)

Sometimes it’s easier to be negative, but in all honestly, that type of outlook is tiring. Besides, who wants to miss out on all the great things life has to offer? It might take a little work to fight those negative moods. It might take a little effort to believe that nothing stays bad forever, but it’ll be worth it in the end. A positive attitude will change your outlook in life. I’m not saying there still won’t be bad days, but it will make those times easier to handle.

The choice is up to you – negative or positive – but whatever you choose, it’s all in the attitude.


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