California: The Ocean and Me

One of the best feelings is being in the ocean.

One of the best sounds is the rush of the sea as it barrels towards the shore.

One of the best smells is the salty sea air as it rides in on a gentle sea breeze.

Palm Trees By the BeachThe ocean plays a constant melody, sometimes a lullaby, and even though it might change in tone, it’s always beautiful. This is one of the only places on earth where I can find peace. When I’m by the water, virtually nothing and no one exists. It’s just me and ocean.

One of the best feelings is being in the ocean, but there is no feeling like being pulled under and caught in the current of a wave as it churns. As strange as it might sound, I wasn’t scared. In fact, I enjoyed it. The sensation of being pushed by the force of the water and having no control was as if, for a few moments, I was part of the ocean.

There were days where I would stand by the shoreline, looking out to sea, but there were other days where I would strap on a wetsuit and paddle out. Those are the days the waves would be rough and the current would change without any warning and I spent most of my time underwater instead of above it. Those were the days I took spills and collected my fair share of cuts, scrapes and bruises. Those were the days my mouth filled with the taste of saltwater.

But those are also the days I wouldn’t trade for anything.

On my last day of surfing I was given a once in a lifetime gift. I was heading out and saw a large, black mass in front of me. I assumed it was seaweed since the waves had been washing up more and more as the afternoon went on, but it wasn’t seaweed. All of a sudden the head of a seal broke the water’s surface. I knew it was a seal, but for some reason my brain was having trouble registering it. Within seconds its head disappeared and I watched as its body arched and dove under. It was one of those moments that happened so fast, but was so surreal that I’ll never forget it.

The sea is beautiful and feisty. It’s calm and aggressive. Sometimes being part of the ocean, connected to it and able to read it, isn’t enough. For me, whether I’m being beat down by the waves, sitting out in the wide open ocean, laying on the beach or listening to the crash of wave in the distance, there’s a indescribably feeling there for me. It’s almost as if a strange sense of calm comes over me. It makes me truly feel that everything will be alright.

Many evenings I found myself wondering down to the beach to watch the sunset. The sky would Sunset on Moonlight Beach IIIIturn yellow and orange as the last rays of the day would burst through the clouds that started rolling in (and would become the morning fog) before turning the same steely blue as the water. While watching the sun set, I would dig my toes into the cool sand and think about how beautiful and peaceful it was here.

At night, when I was laying in bed, I would fall asleep to the song of the ocean.

During the day, when I was walking around town, I could feel the pull of the sea.

The truth is, the ocean has always and will always have a piece of my heart.

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In the Night

deep in the night
our fingers brush
soft lips encounter a familiar force
while silky skin
touches softer bodies
pulled close, becoming one
steamy breath twists through the dark
as we breathe each other in
as you kiss every inch
slowly unfolding me
careful not to break me
while I kiss every part
undo my hips
with gentle hands
leaving tattoos burning on the flesh
we grip each other
speaking a language all our own
as pleasure rises

California: Flying High

I’m not a huge fan of flying.

Yet, sometimes, it’s the only way to get to where I want to go.

There’s just something about keeping a large hunk of metal thousands of feet in the air that I just don’t understand. I mean, I don’t understand how it’s possible. With that said, when I’m on a plane going from one place to another, I try not to think about it – especially if it’s my only way to get to where I want to go.

So on my recent trip to California, I didn’t think about the flying part. Instead, I enjoyed the different point of view and marveled at the beauty from thousands of feet above the ground.

That’s the thing about flying – in a way, it’s amazing.

The houses, cars and everything else still on the ground gradually become smaller as the plane gains altitude. Watching the world below grow smaller and smaller makes me think about the number of people on this planet and how big it actually is.

As the plane went higher and higher, we flew through the clouds. At first it was like a thick fog. Then the clouds started to thin, rays of light started shining through and I realized we were suddenly above them. Looking down I couldn’t even see the now tiny houses or anything that lay underneath the blanket of white. What I did see was a shadow from the plane. The clouds were so thick that the sun created a shadow on their surface. It also appeared to be so thick and fluffy that I could step right out onto the clouds (but knew better and didn’t feel like falling to my death).

My mind was split between the beauty that was the world above the clouds and the world below. I kept thinking about the think, marshmallow clouds and the adventures to come in California.