Hope and Faith

Call me a child.

Call me a child who still has a sense of innocence.

Call me a fool.

Call me one of the hopeful.

My heart bleeds hope.

My soul sings hope.

My being, most days, radiates hope.

To hope is to put your faith in something you can’t see. To hope is to believe that there will be better days, that things will work themselves out. Hope may come in many forms – a calm feeling, confidence, a positive attitude – just to name a few. I’ve heard it said that “it’s all in your attitude” and that “a positive attitude can do wonders for a person’s outlook on life.” After all, things can’t stay bad forever.

I’m sure there’s others out there who feel the same way.

And that’s good.

Maybe it’s the hope, the faith, in our souls that keep us afloat. Maybe faith is the other side of the metaphorical coin. Maybe hope and faith go together.

When I look back on things that have happened to me so far in my life, I realize that it was my hope and my faith that got me through. Whenever I started thinking things were taking a negative turn, I would be given a sign that proved otherwise. Maybe not everyone believes in signs, but I do. Sometimes the smallest things, the smallest gesture, can restore hope.

Hope can be a fickle thing. As humans we’re fragile. If life beats us down too much or continuously tears us apart, then, we can start to lose that hope. If everyday is the same, then, it becomes increasingly difficult to believe that anything will every be good again. I think those are the times we have to fight. Those are the times we have to hold onto hope, hold onto the good and realize that, sometimes, the things we’re fighting against are the things that we need in our lives. The truth is, we don’t always get what we want, but we always are given what we need. At least, I consider that to be true.

I believe hope and faith are a beautiful thing. From the chaos of life is born beauty and from that beauty we are given hope in even the darkest of times. Hope lives in the dark places. At times it might be difficult to see it, but I think it’s at those times that we have to have faith.

Now, once again, I find myself in a position where my hope and faith fill me. There are moments where it’s an overwhelming feeling, but it’s a warm feeling that also gives me confidence and a sense of calm. It builds be up, wraps me in the comfort of it’s arms and I believe everything will be alright.

The song at the bottom of this post is entitled “Hope Is The Anthem” by Switchfoot. This song is from their most recent album, “Where The Light Shines Through.” It’s a powerful one and I think it fits the topic of this post well. Feel free to give it a listen.


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