she set a fire in his soul
and danced in the flames
letting it burn down her walls
displaying all her beauty

he created a spark in her heart
that slowly transformed to a blaze
warming her entire being
as he continuously fed the flames

she thrived in the fire
spinning naked in its presents
burning away fears and doubt
that previously haunted the mind

he watched her dance
slowly shedding his cocoon
and entered the fire with her
where they swayed together

she smiled through the flickering flames
dancing life’s dance
and watched him smile back
warming her soul more then any flame

he pressed his lips against hers
with an undeniable passion
that ignited her soul
and made them both dance ardently

she saw in him things the flames couldn’t reveal
a dark shadow of the past
a fear of history repeating
and a cocoon not fully shed

he was awake
but not fully alive
he was alive
but not fully living

she was life itself
the fire and the flood
the sun and the moon
the zest for life while dancing it’s dance

he stumbled in the inferno
his feet became tired
as he caught himself
and pulled away

she brushed from her mind an itching doubt
that something was wrong
that he was losing the steps
because he was ever present

he made it rain
but she kept the flames reaching
arching over their heads
to give them cover

she felt the flames prick her skin
as they started to burn
and he embraced her – shelter –
and she found safety in his arms

he caught himself again
too close to the fire
too close to the passion
too close

they connected
they soured
they reached for the sky
and they were brought back down

they felt the fire
seeping through their skin
peeling their flesh

the fire exposed and consumed them
and they let it
somehow beautiful – it raged
until there was nothing left but ashes


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