A Lasting Love

Today at work I saw the most adorable elderly couple. I was cleaning off tables during breakfast when they came in and asked if they could sit anywhere. I smiled and said, “Yes.” She smiled back and said, “Thank you.”

She asked her husband where he would like to sit.

“That one,” he said, pouring a cup of coffee.

“Which one?” she asked, looking at all the empty tables.

“That one,” he repeated. “By the window.”

His wife looked at each of the three tables lining the windows. The windows look out on the grounds and into the woods. It might not sound like much, but I’ve looked out these windows for over a year now, through the changing seasons, and it’s beautiful. She eventually walked over to the middle table, turned around and asked, “This one?”

“Yes,” he said. “I like the view.”

She sat on one side of the table and he sat next to her, facing the window.

“Can you see?” she asked.

“I can see you and that’s all I need.”

My heart melted.

As I walked into the kitchen I thought, “That’s what I want.”

And that’s exactly what I want.

I want to be with someone who, one day, when I’m old and looks have faded will still look at me and tell me I’m beautiful. I want someone who, after a lifetime together, still thinks I’m as gorgeous (inside and out) as the day we meet. I want someone, after years of going through good and bad times, still loves me for everything I am. I want someone who I can fall in love with all over again, everyday.

I believe we all deserve someone like that.

Congratulations to those who have found that person.

And to those who haven’t…don’t give up hope.


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