Hope in the Dark Places

“Hope is the anthem of my soul.” – Switchfoot

Hope lives in the dark places.

It lives in the broken, cracked recesses of our world. It lives in the tragedy and despair. It lives in the natural disasters and the wars.

But like the moon during the day or the sun at night, each still exists – much like hope. Even though it might be difficult to see, hope is always there.

I think that it’s during the hard times, the tough experiences, in our lives that we choose to see either the darkness or the light. It’s at those times that we can choose to despair and be dragged down into darkness or choose hope and rise into the light.

It’s been my personal experience that it’s easier to see the negative rather then the positive. It’s easier to allow the bad to overpower the good, but it’s at those times, I believe, that we have to fight a little harder.

These personal moments aren’t the only times hope is alive. Not only does hope live within us, but, sometimes, a single person can be the hope for someone else.

This hope can be the doctor for a patient, a stranger helping someone in need, having that person in your life who’s that positive, bright spot or a variety of other situations.

The hope that lives in this world can be seen everyday, if only we’re willing to open our eyes. And, sometimes, it’s that little nugget of hope that gives us the strength to keep going.


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