October Snow

Today marks the first snow of the season.

Snow has now coated the roads, the grass and the trees with their unfallen leaves still in the process of changing.

Some people don’t like the snow. All it reminds them of is the slippery roads, the cold, the fact that they’ll have to clean their cars off and the idea that snow is basically a nuisance.

Others, like me, love the snow. The first snow means the beginning of winter. It brings memories of warm sweaters, cozy blankets, soft hats and scarfs, hot chocolate or a warm cup of tea, snowball fights, building snowmen, taking a winter walk and admiring its beauty as each flake glides to the ground.

I always think there’s something special about that first snow. It’s like a first kiss – winter’s first kiss.

And it’s beautiful and breathtaking as it happens.


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