cut like knives
by the tongue

slice like razor blades
until the job is

so peal back the skin
expose everything I am
my heart no longer in my chest
but cradled in my hands

a sacrificial offering
bestowed upon the worthy
given up in front of
you – judge and jury

slip through the lips – tiny grains of sand
become caught in the wind and
scattered across the land

stab like pins
pricking at the skin
crimson red, the wound begins

blood runs thick in the things once said
venom covered
empty threats, pointless pains
once spoken can not be unsaid

a mysterious language
until it’s too late
regrets, apologies
don’t take the pain away

have an aftermath
that ripples
through life

leave marks
leave scars
invisible to the naked eye

dig deep to find the lead
lodged in my soul
consisting of the hurtful things
you spoke so many times before

your mouth was a gun
and the bullets the words
that pierced the heart
and shattered the soul

speak volumes
yet, some are cheap
falling into the darkest deep

possess power
to change a life
for better or worse or out of spite

etched in the mind
called upon at night
dreams and nightmares
are never out of sigh

what could’ve been
will never be
as language dissolves
and there are no more words to speak


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