Perfect Strangers

she gave him her mind
she gave him her heart
she gave him her soul
shame on her

she learned his mind
she learned his heart
she learned his soul
shame on her

he was a thief in the night
tore down the wall
exposed what was inside
heart and all

he wasn’t all looks
more then a pair of deep blues
and the greater the depth she swam in his pools
she fell in love

he spoke of the future
and his dark past
showed compassion
that wouldn’t last

he drifted
like the sea from the shore
but always returned
to brush it’s face once more

she thought it a phase
much as the changing moon
she held onto hope
which would wax and wane

she soon learned the changing tides
would bring heartache, fighting, tears
as distance grew
and words turned to dust

he made one wrong move
he crossed the line
he was the lighting in the storm
shame on him

he showed no remorse
he had no fight
he had no answers in darkness or light
shame on him

left with memories
in the aftermath
the shaking, quaking, that would slowly pass
until they were perfect strangers once more


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