When we’re children our parents attempt to instill in us certain morals and lessons. They try to teach us things that will be valuable to us later in life. One of those things is forgiveness.

Our parents tell us that when someone does us wrong, the right thing to do is to forgive them. We learn it’s not nice to hold grudges. We’re taught, almost in the same breath, that we should take the so-called “high road” and be the bigger person. In other words, stand by the age old saying, “forgive and forget.”

As children things are simply. When we’re young we have an innocence that makes life black and white, but as we grow older more and more gray areas appear and things aren’t so simple anymore.

What if the one who has done us wrong is a hypocrite?

What if the one who has done us wrong has done something inexcusable?

What if the one who has done us wrong doesn’t deserve forgiveness? At least not so quickly.

Anger is born from holding a grudge. Even if it’s not a grudge, anger is anger. Either way, I believe it’s unhealthy for us to hold onto the wrong doings of others. Even though what they did probably hurt us, we are only hurting ourselves more by stewing over it.

So maybe that age old saying, “forgive and forget,” is meant to help us. Maybe it’s meant to bring us peace.

But at a certain point forgiveness may be hard to give.

For those of you have been following along since the beginning, as well as those who know me best, then, you’re well aware of what I’ve been dealing with lately. And, for once in my life, I’m having trouble forgiving. I’ve having trouble forgiving him for what he’s done.

One day, I hope I won’t be mad at him.

But more then that, one day, I hope I’ll be able to forgive him.


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