The Beauty of an Aftershow

The night air is cold, but not yet cold enough where you can see your breath. (But what did we all expect on a February night? Even if the high for the day was 60 degrees.)

Stars shine above like little spotlights aimed at the earth below.

Everyone is standing around the clock tower, waiting, and it’s one of the biggest aftershow crowds I’ve seen.

And then Jon appears at the bottom of the hill, coming toward us with his trusty guitar and harmonica. Once again, he still has a few more songs left in him.

He doesn’t do them every night. He wants them to feel special, not like something that’s expected. So when there are still notes bursting to escape into the night, he’ll set them free.

At every aftershow I’ve been to it’s always amazed me how music has the power to gather together complete strangers. Of course people come with their friends, maybe a family member, but it’s the people they met that night, the connections they make, that’s equally as amazing. In that moment everyone is strung together by a single bond – music.

And that’s the beauty of an aftershow.


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