Beautiful Souls

What if we saw a person’s soul as easily as their outward appearance?

What if we, for lack of a better term, judged a person on their soul rather then their face?

I’ve met some beautiful people with ugly souls and average people with beautiful souls. And maybe that’s what makes them beautiful – the fact that they’re humble in their ways. Sometimes they have low self-esteem or low confidence. Sometimes they don’t think they’re worth much or are just quiet individuals. Sometimes they don’t realize they’re more, much more, then they think. Sometimes they lend a hand not for the praise or glory, but for the sake of helping another. Of course there’s many ways for a person to have a beautiful soul, but most times they don’t even know they’re beautiful.

The soul is a person’s most inner being. It’s every part of them – good and bad. It’s dreams and doubts, hopes and fears, things they don’t normally show other. It’s all sides of them. Maybe that’s why it’s so hard to see at first. To truly know a person’s soul we must get to know them.

We can be just as beautiful on the inside as on the outside. And I believe what they say is true – what’s on the inside really does matter. After all, when we age our looks fade and all we have left is the person we are inside.


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