Hello and welcome!20160526_104848

What’s there to say?

I’m me.

What you see is what you get…no gimmicks here.

I’m a woman looking for adventure, armed with a pen and a camera.

The ideas are constantly flowing. Inspiration comes from just about anywhere, therefore, it’s hard to say when and where my next idea will strike.

Photography and writing are two of my passions. I’ll photography just about anything, but within the last seven or so years concert photography has become my favorite type. I love music and concerts and am constantly amazed at the energy and emotion that can be captured in a single frame. I photograph every concert I attend and one day hope for bands to invite me to take pictures during their shows. There are a few specific bands I have in mind, and have for years, but I’m willing to photograph anyone if they’re willing to give me a chance.

I love writing and enjoy telling stories. I’ve written three novel length stories (sadly none are published) and am currently working on a batch of short stories. One thing I would like to do is expand the reach of my stories and share them with people around the world.

My goal with this blog is simply to write. I want to share my thoughts with others on music, photography, literature and life. In the process, if I happen to inspire someone or make people think or start a conversation on a topic, well, all the better. This blog, along with my Flickr photo page is a brave attempt to release my passions into the world. Remember, your life only happens once so take chances, make mistakes, seize opportunities and simply live.

I look forward to sharing my writing and photos with you. I’m also equally as excited to hear from you.

Thanks for following along!

~ Nicole

All thoughts, writings and photographs are my own. Please do not use any without my permission. Thank you.


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