Fall Is In The Air

A few days ago marked the first official day of fall. As sad as I am to see summer go, I’m excited to welcome everything that comes with the changing seasons.

I think each season has something to offer, its own beauty. Fall brings with it crisp breezes and cool nights. It brings rays of sun that shine through the changing leaves as they blow in the wind. The leaves themselves melt from a lush green to a rustic orange, yellow or red. They gently fall to the earth before being swept up by the breeze and dancing in the air and coming back to lay on the ground.

Leaves crunch underneath my feet whenever I go for a walk. I love that sound. I can’t explain it. Maybe it’s simply one of those things that goes along with the season. Maybe it’s a reminder of the changing seasons. Whatever the reason, there’s something lovely about hearing the leaves crunch with every step on the pavement or path through the woods.

Lets not forget about the food. The house starts to smell like fresh baked apple pie or apple sauce. Other times it smells like pumpkin pie or pumpkin bread pudding. The aroma floats through the house and fills the lungs. Fall is the seasons of apples and pumpkins.

Then there’s the smell of the season, the smell of fall. This is a tricky one to put into words. It’s almost something you have to feel – the crisp air with the sun that’s still hot enough to warm your skin, the smell of the cool air itself, the smell of leaves.

Fall has a sent all it’s own.



Fall is in the air.

It has a certain scent. There’s a crispness. It’s not cold, but there’s the hint of cooler temperatures and the snow that will arrive in a few months. The once lush, green leaves begin to turn colors before letting go of the branches and gracefully floating to the ground.

Each season has a smell associated with it. This time of the year it’s anything apple or pumpkin related. And while I love the way these smells fill the stores as well as my house, the seasonal sent I’m really talking about is the one produced by nature.

Last week I went apple picking. I normally don’t eat a lot of apples, but enjoy turning them into all the delicious goodies (like pie) and love the art of apple picking. (And I can’t forget about those apple cider doughnuts.) Plus, I take great delight in being in an apple orchard. While walking up and down the rows of apples that lovely scent caught my attention and filled my lungs as I breathed in. There’s something special about being in the middle of an apple orchard, picking fresh apples, with the smell and colors of all around.

It’s a bit hard to put into words. (Not that I know if I would want to anyway, for fear of taking away the true magic of the season.) But, have you ever walked through the woods this time of year? Simply stepped outside? Have you ever been hit with the smell of the earth, the crispness in the air?

I believe all of that, and more, is the scent of fall.