Happy Valentine’s Day

Glass Heart

Happy Valentine’s Day! I wish you all love and happiness.


Let Go

I hope you’ve all been having a wonderful 2018 so far. This year I didn’t do my regular New Year Day post, as I’ve been working on something new for this blog (and it’s coming soon), but I wish you all the best for 2018.

Entering into the new year, I had a thought — let go. Let go of negative people, they only seem to drag you down. Let go of negative things, they only seem to pull you in deeper. Simply let go of negativity.

I think, maybe, as humans we like holding on. Whatever the reason might be, we seem to cling to the past. I’m not saying to forget. Memories are wonderful, for many reasons, and they will always be ours. No one can take our memories away, good and bad, but we have to know when to let go and move on. And, sometimes, we don’t like change. We become comfortable with how thing are and fear change, but sometimes it can be good. With change comes new opportunities. As letting go of an old year and embrace a new one, it’s the perfect time to also let got of negativity and take hold of a positive outlook.

So let it go and be free. I know it probably sounds easier then it is to do, but it’s possible. Life is to short to hold onto negativity. Begin the new year with good vibes and let positivity into your life.

What’s In A Year?

A year is more than calendar pages flying by. It’s made up of more than 365 days. It’s more than 52 weeks, 12 months. A year is made up of memories.

With 2018 fast approaching, I’ve been thinking about all the adventures I’ve been on, all the memories I’ve made and the people I’ve made them with this year. It hasn’t been all good, but it hasn’t been all bad either. I think life is give and take. We take the good with the bad and the bad with the good. It’s been a year of tears and sorrow, disappointments and frustrations, loss and heartache. But it’s also been a year of joy and laughter, triumphs and satisfaction, discovery and love.

Everyone has a story to tell and a lesson to teach, if only we’re willing to open our eyes and listen. Everyone on this earth has a purpose and everyone who enters our lives, no matter the length of time, has a purpose. I’ve learned about the world, life, myself and so much more. There are some people who have thought me all they can, some who are still teaching, some who have taught me more then they may ever know and those I have yet to meet who will also teach me something. And for each one of these people, I’m thankful.

Traveling is something that I’ve grown to love. It’s a big, beautiful world out there and I want to see as much of it as I can. This year has taken me to places I’ve never been. Part of being in new places is the thrill of the unknown. I’ll admit, it can be scary as much as thrilling. But you never know what you’ll find around the corner, down a particular street or walking along the sands of an unexplored beach. I’ve traveled with family and friends. I’ve traveled near and far. Sometimes, I don’t think it matters where we travel, but who we’re with. And I love the people who travel with me.

All in all I would say it’s been a good year. And as 2017 is quickly coming to an end maybe we should all take a look back because a year is made up of much more than 365 days. It’s made up of memories.

Three Years

Traditionally, year three is leather. If you choose to go modern the gift is crystal or glass. No matter what, a three year anniversary is a milestone. Every anniversary is a milestone, whether it’s less than three years or every year proceeding.

I’m happy to announce that this month marks the three year anniversary of my blog. And I’m not looking for gifts of leather or crystal or glass. The strength lays in my posts, in the stories about life and how we’re all human. It’s in the poetry, the history, the photography and everything I chose to write. I believe beauty is also in those same stories. It’s a big, beautiful world out there. We simply have to remember to stop and take a look around.

I’d like to thank all of my followers and those who have supported me over the years. You are all a big part of this blog and it wouldn’t be possible without you. I look forward to another three years of blogging and beyond.

Thank you!

Counting Our Blessings

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today we gather with our families, friends, loved ones, and take part in a Thanksgiving feast. We eat turkey and potatoes and vegetables and stuffing. We eat pies and cookies and pastries. We watch football and then pass out into a deep sleep.

But today is much more then all this.

Today is about counting our blessings. It’s about being thankful for our families, friends, loved ones and everything we have in this life.

Always Try

My great-grandmother, like so many others, came to this country with nothing. She came alone and didn’t speak a word of English. I’m told she was a smart and determined woman who could do great things when she set her mind to it. Even though I didn’t know her, I believe the story is true since she worked hard and taught herself English. Again, like so many others, she had to sacrifice so much with the hopes of coming to this country in search of a better life. In the end, I think she did well.

The point of this story is as follows — you can do anything if you set your mind to it.

At times I think we sell ourselves short. Maybe we don’t have the confidence. Maybe we think we don’t have the support system. Maybe we think we’re not good enough. Maybe the road between where we are and where we want to be looks long and treacherous. Or maybe there’s a number of other reasons we don’t try.

No one ever said life was going to be easy. And no one ever said life would simply hand us things. I believe anything worth having is worth fighting for, working for, putting in the time and effort necessary. If there’s something we want, then, we should at least try.

My great-grand-mother’s story, along with so many others, reminds me of this every day — try. Sometimes what seems impossible is actually very possible.

And we never truly know what we’re capable of until we try.

Things Life Has Taught Me (So Far…)

Life is an ongoing lesson. We learn and grown from our experiences, both good and bad. Sometimes life knocks us down, but then it’s nice enough to help up back up. We become stronger and gain knowledge from our daily travels and interactions with others. In the end, life is the greatest teacher we’ll ever have. I’ve learned a lot over the years, and I’m constantly learning every day, but here are a few key things I’ve learned so far.

The world isn’t all bad. It might be hard to believe with all the negative things we see and hear, especially in the news. It might be hard to believe there’s any good left, but there are still people who do good. There are still positive stories to be told. And in the face of any tragedy there are always people who will come together and help.

Work hard and play hard. It’s important to work hard (after all that’s how we pay the bills), but it’s equally as important to play hard. If we simply work and do nothing else, then, we’re going to miss out on a lot. In this case, it’s good to find a balance.

Enjoy every moment. We only have one life and that life only happens once. Each moment only happens once. These moments should be cherished and savored and enjoyed to the fullest.

Don’t take things and people for granted. It’s easy to think the things and people in our lives will last forever. The truth is, nothing in life is guaranteed. All the things we have today could be gone tomorrow. All the people currently in our lives could also be gone tomorrow.

Love. Love is important. Our families love us unconditionally and we love them. We share a special bond with our friends and love them as they love us. We also love that special some one in our life. Love is one of the most wonderful feelings in this life. It’s not something that should be feared, but embraced. Love fearlessly and fiercely.

Live. Life is short. We only have so many tomorrows. So make mistakes, learn, take risks, love, regret nothing and simply live.