Being Human

one heart
dances rhythmically
in our chest
pumping blood
through a series of canals
pulse with life
hearts may break
dreams may shatter
may flood our eyes
is patient
becoming the past
as we march on
we rise and fall
and rise again
like a Phoenix from the ashes
we are


Changing Tides

Sunset on Moonlight Beach II

we love like the ocean
in waves
always reaching for one another
rolling tides
constantly searching for the shore

Rise and Fall

all shooting stars fall to earth
most angels fall from grace
all leaves fall with changing seasons
most sinners fall at the end of their days

there’s heaven in your eyes
and pleasure on your face
the devil lives inside
these twisted games you play

memories arise
some things can’t be erased
the past is left in dust
some things can’t be changed

broken wings can’t fly
and broken words falter
mind and soul contradict
our heart’s true desire

A Way Back

words unsaid
actions undone
leaves a bad taste
on the tip of the tongue

missteps taken
opportunities lost
moments become the past
and turn to dust

frustrations mount
confusion swarms
as the heart still swoons
and hopes for more

a casual talk
a warm embrace
leads to heated thoughts
while the heart and mind race

secrets abound
hesitation exists
time is fleeting
yet there’s restrained feelings

soulful look
captures a gaze
but words still hide
behind soft lips for day

dangerous risk
loving touch
a kiss on the cheek
says so much

broken dam
words flood the air
captures back an honest stare
as the truth is told once more


the risen specters
once buried
in the graveyard of memories
now haunt my every step
make my heart race
pull me in
embrace me
with beautiful dreams
as tears cascade
you run through my veins
a toxic chemical
a drug
a touch
a feeling
as memories are seared
to my skin
my mind
my heart
like tattoo ink
forever carried
shall slowly return
to the earth
while spirits are laid to rest
in the graveyard of memories

Perfect Strangers

she gave him her mind
she gave him her heart
she gave him her soul
shame on her

she learned his mind
she learned his heart
she learned his soul
shame on her

he was a thief in the night
tore down the wall
exposed what was inside
heart and all

he wasn’t all looks
more then a pair of deep blues
and the greater the depth she swam in his pools
she fell in love

he spoke of the future
and his dark past
showed compassion
that wouldn’t last

he drifted
like the sea from the shore
but always returned
to brush it’s face once more

she thought it a phase
much as the changing moon
she held onto hope
which would wax and wane

she soon learned the changing tides
would bring heartache, fighting, tears
as distance grew
and words turned to dust

he made one wrong move
he crossed the line
he was the lighting in the storm
shame on him

he showed no remorse
he had no fight
he had no answers in darkness or light
shame on him

left with memories
in the aftermath
the shaking, quaking, that would slowly pass
until they were perfect strangers once more


cut like knives
by the tongue

slice like razor blades
until the job is

so peal back the skin
expose everything I am
my heart no longer in my chest
but cradled in my hands

a sacrificial offering
bestowed upon the worthy
given up in front of
you – judge and jury

slip through the lips – tiny grains of sand
become caught in the wind and
scattered across the land

stab like pins
pricking at the skin
crimson red, the wound begins

blood runs thick in the things once said
venom covered
empty threats, pointless pains
once spoken can not be unsaid

a mysterious language
until it’s too late
regrets, apologies
don’t take the pain away

have an aftermath
that ripples
through life

leave marks
leave scars
invisible to the naked eye

dig deep to find the lead
lodged in my soul
consisting of the hurtful things
you spoke so many times before

your mouth was a gun
and the bullets the words
that pierced the heart
and shattered the soul

speak volumes
yet, some are cheap
falling into the darkest deep

possess power
to change a life
for better or worse or out of spite

etched in the mind
called upon at night
dreams and nightmares
are never out of sigh

what could’ve been
will never be
as language dissolves
and there are no more words to speak