The Beach (Overexposed)

dreams fade to reality
sometimes both seem heavenly
as darkness draws the dawn
blurry eyes wake
to the divine light of the sun
and morning’s melody


Love Life

love the sun
and the rain

love the pleasure
and the pain

love the wind
beneath your wings

love your rise
and fall from grace

love the sand
between your toes

love the ocean
waters flow

love the wildflowers
that grow

love the one
who did you wrong

love the one
who feels like home

love the unknown
uncharted path

love the future
and the past

love the moments
that will not last

love yourself
and all you are

love your soul
like shooting stars

Stolen Hearts

like a thief in the night
he stole her heart
and the angels cried
for not doing their part

the sky lived in fear
her tears would rain down
like shooting stars
upon the ground

the universe shook
in an earthquake of laughter
with the realization
she had acted faster

The Nature of It

tears cascade
like a waterfall
down rosy cheeks
into saltwater pools
that moisten the ground
where hopes, dreams, flowers grow
for love and lost
has never been so

Being Human

one heart
dances rhythmically
in our chest
pumping blood
through a series of canals
pulse with life
hearts may break
dreams may shatter
may flood our eyes
is patient
becoming the past
as we march on
we rise and fall
and rise again
like a Phoenix from the ashes
we are

Rise and Fall

all shooting stars fall to earth
most angels fall from grace
all leaves fall with changing seasons
most sinners fall at the end of their days

there’s heaven in your eyes
and pleasure on your face
the devil lives inside
these twisted games you play

memories arise
some things can’t be erased
the past is left in dust
some things can’t be changed

broken wings can’t fly
and broken words falter
mind and soul contradict
our heart’s true desire