The Beach (Overexposed)

dreams fade to reality
sometimes both seem heavenly
as darkness draws the dawn
blurry eyes wake
to the divine light of the sun
and morning’s melody


Love Life

love the sun
and the rain

love the pleasure
and the pain

love the wind
beneath your wings

love your rise
and fall from grace

love the sand
between your toes

love the ocean
waters flow

love the wildflowers
that grow

love the one
who did you wrong

love the one
who feels like home

love the unknown
uncharted path

love the future
and the past

love the moments
that will not last

love yourself
and all you are

love your soul
like shooting stars

The Reunion (A 500 Word Story)

He checked his watch as clouds floated across the late afternoon sky. The window framed his body and the harbor in front of him. He frowned as he stared at the watch-face, time ticking away, yet what else was there but time. And pain.

After a moment he looked down at the small harbor. The dock stretched parallel along the edge of town. At one point it broke off as a walkway out to sea. Perhaps a pathway home?

He waited like a good soldier at his post, watching the dock and the boats as they gently rocked. The sound of his watch grew louder, then transitioned into the sound of high-heels against the linoleum floor. His thoughts dispersed as he looked around the empty building — nothing. He returned his attention to the sea, concentrating on the slowly moving water.

In his mind he screamed her name.

Out of the corner of his eye he saw movement — a woman. He turned toward her, but her face was covered by a veil of long brown hair. As she swept it back, twisting it into a long curl that draped over her shoulder, he was astonished by her familiar beauty.

She looked up at him with a kind, or was it pitiful, smile.

Feeling foolish, he quickly turned away. “Sorry, I thought you were someone else.”

He looked at his watch. The second hand ticked away all the moments they could have spent together.

“Who is she? The woman you lost?”
His head snapped around to meet her gaze, two soulful brown eyes, disturbingly familiar in their own way.

“There’s sadness in your eyes.”

A feeling of comfort washed over him, her soft voice ringing in his ears. “My wife. She wasn’t suppose to die, not yet,” he said more to himself.

“We have no control over such things.”

“I should’ve been with her,” he said, looking back out over the water. “I should’ve been there when they found her body, when they pulled her from the water. We always took out the boat together, but this time she couldn’t wait. She loved the sea and she couldn’t wait.”

“What makes you think you could have saved her?”

Anger bubbled as he looked at her, so familiar yet strange at the same time. She only said what he had known for the last seven years.

“I lost someone close to me too,” she said. “My husband.”

The man patiently waited, watching her.

“Time,” she said after a moment. “Time took him away. He lost himself waiting. Eventually time robbed him of his life and took away everything recognizable about him.”

He looked back toward the sea, shaking his head.

“Your wife still loves you,” whispered the woman as the sound of heels once again echoed throughout the building.

When the man turned, she was gone. He went back to looking out to sea, but the clicking of high-heels and the ticking of his watch resonated in his mind.

A New Blog Addition

Dear Readers,

The last few months I’ve been working hard on a new section of my blog. Many of you, along with family and friends, have asked what I’ve been up to, but I’ve kept it secret…until now.

Since the beginning of the year I’ve been dropping hints, leaving little breadcrumbs. (This was partially for fun and to see who’s paying attention.) Some of you even know about the new project I’ve been working on. This new project is the new addition.

Within the last two years, I’ve began to share my poetry on this blog. Now, I’m exciting to announce that I’ll also be sharing my fiction. I write all types of stories at different lengths, but for this new addition I’ll be sharing my 500 word stories.

The first story will be posted shortly and I’m excited to share these stories with all of you. Thank you for your support and continuous following.

~ Nicole

Stolen Hearts

like a thief in the night
he stole her heart
and the angels cried
for not doing their part

the sky lived in fear
her tears would rain down
like shooting stars
upon the ground

the universe shook
in an earthquake of laughter
with the realization
she had acted faster

Three Years

Traditionally, year three is leather. If you choose to go modern the gift is crystal or glass. No matter what, a three year anniversary is a milestone. Every anniversary is a milestone, whether it’s less than three years or every year proceeding.

I’m happy to announce that this month marks the three year anniversary of my blog. And I’m not looking for gifts of leather or crystal or glass. The strength lays in my posts, in the stories about life and how we’re all human. It’s in the poetry, the history, the photography and everything I chose to write. I believe beauty is also in those same stories. It’s a big, beautiful world out there. We simply have to remember to stop and take a look around.

I’d like to thank all of my followers and those who have supported me over the years. You are all a big part of this blog and it wouldn’t be possible without you. I look forward to another three years of blogging and beyond.

Thank you!

The Nature of It

tears cascade
like a waterfall
down rosy cheeks
into saltwater pools
that moisten the ground
where hopes, dreams, flowers grow
for love and lost
has never been so