You and Me

the distance is great
like the vast ocean
separating me from you
and my mind gravitates
to memories of bygone days
of walking through the trees
reaching for the sky
sun shining through the leaves
wind whispering
as we would during late night hours
those snow-covered paths
led to a fairy land
of picturesque lakes
with ice like a mirror
reflecting my love for you
on warm sandy beaches
waves churn and dance
forever racing and reaching toward land
only to be ripped away
thrown back into these isolated days
when I can’t wrap my arms around you
I can always embrace the memories

Always Together

on cloudless nights
I look to the sky
the moon shining
pure and bright
against a velvet backdrop
scattered with stars
wishing to be where you are
and when the sun went to sleep
drifting down below the colorful sheets
it kissed the moon goodnight
for even though its light can’t be seen
it still shares the same sky
so while you’re not here
not visible to my eyes
I take solace in the idea
you look upon the same sun and moon as I

In A Fantasy World

It’s a strange world.

At least, I thought it was when I first set foot in it.

But aren’t new places usually, sometimes, strange at first?

Within this world lives creatures I’m unfamiliar with – monsters with gnashing teeth, razor sharp claws, large wings, and too many other characteristics to name. Some have magical abilities while others are born killers. (Although, I sometimes wonder if the real monsters are some of the humans.)

Now, this place feels like a second home. I’m absorbed in the world, transported, as it becomes real within my mind. Forest trees give shelter, mountains loom in the background, roads are treacherous, towns are burned and reduced to ash, swords clash, arrows fly, the smell of burning embers rise from the campfire at night, and monsters hide in the shadows. These places and the characters leap off the pages. Although, they’re more than mere characters. Some of them are my companions. In fact, I would go as far as to say they’re my friends.

We’ve been together on a daily basis for the past four months. We’ve traveled great distances, across many lands. We’ve been on numerous adventures and camped under the stars at night. We’ve met a variety of people as well as many different species of creatures. And we’ve defended each other in battle many times.

So, what world am I traveling through? I’m not sure it has a name. I don’t remember if it does or not, but it’s the world of The Witcher.

Don’t worry. I’m not going to talk about specific books, specific adventures, or even the series in general. I would hate to accidentally leak spoilers. (Especially when I believe you should experience it all for yourself.)

No, I just want to talk about this world and how much I love it, how I’ve grown to care about the characters and look forward to our adventures.

I recently finished the seventh book (if you count the collections of short stories) and thought that was the end. I was under the impression my time in this world was over, that I would have to say goodbye to my companions…but there’s still one book left. I discovered it hiding out on my bookshelf. When I found it, I was overcome with joy because I didn’t have to say goodbye just yet. Now, I can spend a little longer with these characters in this world I’ve grown to love.

I think we all discover those books, those series, that have the power to capture us and take us away. And if we’re lucky we find them more than once. (The last time I remember being truly swept away to a fantasy world was many years ago, in middle school, when I journeyed through Middle-earth.)

Some days, I feel like I’m stuck in this world. (Not in a bad way, of course.) There are times when I’ll read all day and everything else slips away. Even after, long after, I’ve closed the book, I find myself reliving the adventures written on the pages. I discover myself still traveling with my imaginary companions.

But don’t we all need to slip away from reality sometimes?

Don’t misunderstand, I love reality. There’s so much beauty in this world. (Right now, it’s spring – trees are leafing, flowers are blooming, birds are singing, the sun is shining. And there are also many beautiful people, beautiful souls, walking this earth.)

But, sometimes, things happen and all we wish for is a momentary reprieve.

And fantasy is a great escape.

In These Times

the sun rises
warms my skin
reminds me how to live
a ray of hope
in these dark times
may our resilience never die

the birds sing
their morning songs
reminds me of sweet melodies
another sound
over harsh voices screaming loud
may music calm the savage beast

the flowers bloom
one petal at a time
reminds me of this world’s beauty
a splash of color
in a place that’s painted mostly gray
may all the darkness be washed away

the trees bud
burst with lush green leaves
reminds me there’s a season for everything
a new life
when things seem so dead
may we all rise from the ashes once again

the rains stop
clouds part to blue skies
reminds me storms come and go
a rainbow
in the face of fear
may we know we’re never alone


not all angels have wings
but they aren’t all fallen

not all angels can fly
but they still soar high

not all angels can sing
but they still possess a sweet melody

not all angels glow
but they still have a light all their own

not all angels can be seen
but they still walk among us as we live and breathe

A World of Hope

as long as the sun keeps rising
as long as the stars in the night sky keep shining

as long as the birds keep singing
as long as the fish in the sea keep swimming

as long as the flowers keep blooming
as long as the trees in the forest keep leafing

as long as the moon keeps glowing
as long as the constellations in the sky keep connecting

as long as people keep uniting
as long as the people in this world keep showing kindness

as long as the world keeps turning
there’s hope for better days